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Toyota Avanza (7 seater) available for rent in Hua Hin

Toyota Avanza (7 seater) available for rent in Hua Hin.


900 baht/ day

5500 baht/ week
12000 baht/month
More pictures:

 Car Toyota Avanza (7 seats)for rent in Hua Hin. This is  5- doors minivan suitable  for 7 person.

New model 2020, Toyota updated the Avanza’s look to mirror those of its fellow stablemates. To this end, a larger trapezoidal grillemakes the vehicle look bigger than it actually is.
Walk around to the back and you’ll see that the redesigned taillights have aero fins that ostensibly keep the airflow smoother and reduce wind noise.
The changes aren’t just sheet-metal deep because the interior has also been updated, if only slightly. Gone is the largely beige interior in favor of a dark gray and brown scheme, although the faux aluminum trim for the dashboard and the door panels have been retained..
The biggest change inside are with the third-row seats. Toyota has ditched the previous bench in favor of a split 50:50 pair that not only folds down but also tumbles forward separately, allowing for more versatile cargo-carrying configurations and seating arrangements. We are able to fit a few kids and their respective yayas into the Avanza. Because  left third-row seat occupied by one such pair and the right one folded down and forward to make room for the gifts.

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