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Hua Hin Motorbikes Renting: Honda PCX 150

Hua Hin Motorbikes Renting


 1400 baht / week

3500 baht / month

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Hua Hin Motorbikes Renting.

Consider a Honda PCX as the Lexus of the scooter world. A slightly larger & more powerful bike to the Honda Click, with a smoother & more balanced ride and more space under the seat, the PCX is a truly affordable luxury.

Hua Hin Motorbikes Renting

Hua Hin Motorbikes RentingHua Hin Motorbikes Renting

So originally developed, designed and manufactured in Thailand. The PCX was popular as a commuter bike that offered extra-value-added in luxury feel and performance. Marketed in Europe where riders appreciate scooters for their ease of use, the PCX gained popularity and Honda soon realized the reality of having a truly global model of scooter.
First of all Prior to 2013, the PCX came with a 125 cc engine and a 1.6-gallon fuel tank. With a make-over in 2013, the PCX125 gave way to the PCX150 and a new chapter in the globally produced Honda scooter was launched.
The new passenger seat is more comfortable, and weatherproof lockable underseat storage — which is now spring-loaded so it stays open without holding it — accommodates a full-face helmet, groceries or a full book bag. Also added in 2015, the scooter has an integral 12-volt adaptor for charging your electronics.
One more notable change from the 2015 revamp is a larger fuel tank. Out went the 1.56-gallon tank, replaced with a 2.1-gallon. Half a gallon may not seem like much, but at 100 mpg, that’s an extra 50 miles, give or take. The tank mounts under the floorboard to keep the center of gravity low. This measure improves handling characteristics.

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