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Vehicle hire Hua Hin. Toyota Yaris.

Vehicle hire Hua Hin
Vehicle hire Hua Hin


700 baht/day 

3900 baht/ week
9000 baht/month
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Vehicle hire Hua Hin. Toyota Yaris (new model).

The Toyota Yaris is built for city commuting. It’s a competent subcompact hatchback. From the outside, the Yaris appears brawny. The broad front airdam, blunt nose, and distinct wheel openings give it a solid appearance, with the interior being straightforward. Storage space inside is good, and the front seats are comfortable and supportive, with plenty of room.

The slightly smaller size of the Yaris makes it nimble in city use and easy to park. Its electric power steering is nicely weighted–which can’t be said about all Toyota models-and the stiffer suspension of the SE sport model improves cornering without affecting ride comfort.

Vehicle hire Hua Hin

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